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16Kg Oil Absorbent Granules   KU63
Highly-absorbent granules for oil and all other types of spill, made from 100% recycled, non-toxic p..
25litre Mould Oil
Allows easy removal of shuttering.  Ideal for timber or metal formwork. Does not stain ..
48 x 43cm Oil Absorbent Pads
Ideal for use around machinery and in difficult-to-reach areas, mats are the perfect absorbent for s..
5litre Mould Oil
Concrete Mould Release Oil - Ready for immediate application, this oil may be applied to damp for..
ACS Two Stroke Oil (100ml sachet)
  Orbit 100ml One Shot Oil - A high quality blended two (2) stroke oil. This suitable for u..
Husqvarna Two Stroke Oil (100ml sachet)
Husqvarna Oil Guard 2-Stroke Oil Suitable for use in Husqvarna Oil Guard machines and all two strok..
LPP4 Lever Action Barrel Pump
Lightweight and easy to use lever-operated pumps manufactured from the highest quality engineered pl..
Oil Spill Bin (90litre) Medium capacity spill kit in 2-wheeled bin
Packed within a tough wheelable bin that can be easily moved to the spill location, this medium capa..
Oil Spill Kit (15litre)
Please Note:- Actual product may vary from picture. ..
Oil Spill Kit (30litre)
This spill kit is a handy on-the-go size providing essential absorbents required for small spills th..
Stihl Two Stroke Oil (100ml sachet)
Frequently used mineral-oil-based two-stroke engine oil. Specially developed for STIHL engines. Exce..
WS 16 Barrel Pump
Rotary Barrel Pump Rigid Cast Iron Head construction for smoother operation.Complete with Suction Tu..
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